Ice vs Heat Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach

Ice vs Heat? Which is better?

The age old question- “Should I ice it or heat it?” It seems people have been discussing this topic for centuries and we are no closer to a consensus than when it started. Applying heat or cold to an injury has to be one of the earliest treatment methods used in history. One of the reasons I believe there is no consensus is because we are asking the wrong question. The question shouldn’t be, “Should I ice it or heat it?”, but instead “What do I want to happen to the tissue?”

Going for the Gold: Interview with Aaron Brock, ATC

[mp_row] [mp_span col=”12″]   Change Sports Physical Therapy director, Matt Swift, DPT recently had the opportunity to pick the brain of Aaron Brock, ATC, who is the Medical Director of the Olympic gold medal winning, Men’s USA volleyball team. In our longest interview yet, Aaron talks about the importance of developing professionalism in young athletes, injury prevention …

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