Athletic Event Coverage

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Do you have a tournament or other athletic event for which you want sports medicine coverage?  Change Sports Physical Therapy Institute can provide onsite athletic trainers to your events.  Athletic trainers are certified health care professionals who are trained in injury assessment, prevention, emergency care and rehabilitation of injuries.  We can provide coverage in Orange County, CA and some surrounding cities.

We've got you covered with:

  • Sideline game coverage
  • Tournament event coverage
  • Practice athletic training support
  • Traveling support
  • Quick access to physical therapy in-office (For locations near Huntington Beach, CA)
  • Rapid referral to the best physician for your injured athlete's need

We provide:

  • On-site injury assessment
  • Referral to correct medical practitioner
  • Taping
  • Ice for injuries
  • Pre-Season team screenings for potential injuries
  • Quick start of care and rehabilitation of injuries to shorten recovery time

Whether you’re looking for coverage for a one-time event or for a partnership with your sports organization, we can help.  We would love to partner with your organization to provide the most comprehensive care for your athletes.  Make your organization or event stand out through access to top level athletic health.

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Athletic event coverage coordinator

Mike Nakahara, ATC

Mike is our coordinator for athletic event coverage. He is an athletic trainer at Goldenwest College.  He started his time at Change as a patient.  He decided to hang out with us some more and worked as an aide and now as the Event Coordinator and a Sport Prep Team Consultant




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