As a pediatrician and sports medicine specialist, I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Swift, DPT, ATC for the past several years and find him to be a thoughtful and motivated physical therapist. I have shared a range of patients with Matt- from elementary school-aged soccer players through Olympic-level USA National Volleyball Players to adult patients with complicated back pain issues. In all cases, his comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan has led to efficient and outstanding results with consistent high patient satisfaction. He has often uncovered subtle medical concerns and underlying co-existing mechanical issues, and is adept at communicating these issues, underscoring the important team approach to optimal patient care.

Matt is not just satisfied with addressing the immediate problem- he is a big picture therapist who is focused on bridging the gap between injury and full return to sport, work, exercise or recreational activities. He brings a strong biomechanical background to his work and is focused on both injury prevention and alteration of workplace or mechanics to avoid re-injury or new injuries in the future.

In sum, Matt Swift, DPT, ATC is a forward thinking physical therapist who is a credit to his
patients and I highly recommend him without reservation.

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Dr. Chris Koutures, MD, FAAP, Team physician for USA Volleyball, Cal State Fullerton, Chapman University



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