Youth Sports Injury

Video Consultation


One-On-One Video Consultation

with a Sports Physical Therapist who will:

  • Review your injury
  • Give immediate next steps
  • View the injury through your smart phone camera
  • Set you on a recovery plan
  • Set up home exercises through online video software
  • Give you confidence in what to do next

Get Sports Injury Guidance Now

Fee is only $99

No Need to enter payment information now.

You will pay after an appointment has been scheduled.

Getting Started is SIMPLE

Schedule your video consultation. You will receive an email with instructions on how to register and download an app through which the consultation will take place.

We will reach out and schedule a time which works for you

Pay the $99 fee in the app before your video consultation, and then get guidance on your youth sports injury with a qualified sports physical therapist


Have the confidence to know you are taking care of your youth's athletic injury the right way.

Let's Make This Simple

Before you go wait in urgent care and deal with the hassle of an in-person visit, get a youth sports specialists guidance on the injury in your own home.

No need to deal with insurance! Payment is about the cost of a copay- and that is it.

We will give you clear direction and you can decide what course of action to take from there.

About Us

Established in 2010, Change Sports Physical Therapy started out of the dissatisfaction with current physical therapy scene and sought after a focus on the the most optimal outcome for the patient and therapist

Matt Swift, PT, DPT

We Are Here to Help

Our goal is simple: Be the most helpful physical therapy clinic around. Our innovative launch of PT Live is another way we are seeking to become more helpful to more people.

I am a father of 4 boys who are playing youth sports.

I know what it is like to juggle schedules and appointments. PT Live is a simple and quick way to get the guidance you need at the time and place that you need it. Healthcare delivery is changing for the good. Jump on and try out our PT Live service and I am sure you will believe as well!

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