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Going for the Gold: Interview with Aaron Brock, ATC


Change Sports Physical Therapy director, Matt Swift, DPT recently had the opportunity to pick the brain of Aaron Brock, ATC, who is the Medical Director of the Olympic gold medal winning, Men's USA volleyball team.

In our longest interview yet, Aaron talks about the importance of developing professionalism in young athletes, injury prevention plans, and as he calls it, "the keystone", which is an all in commitment to your sport.

Aaron grew up as a four sport athlete in the town of Storm Lake, Iowa.  Calling Iowa home, Aaron also earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degree from the University of Iowa.  Speaking from personal experience Brock explains in our interview the importance of not playing your specific sport, volleyball in this case, year round. In this video you will gain insight into how professional athletes not only learn and display professionalism, but stay healthy through their season and beyond.  Enjoy!



Aaron Brock, ATC


Aaron Brock, Director of Sports Medicine and Performance to the U.S. National Teams
Athletic Trainer to the U.S. Men's National Team

10th Year



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