are you ready for elite level recovery?

The Hydroworx underwater treadmill is definitely something that sets us apart from any other clinic in the region. This unit allows us to do some amazing things to speed up recovery or maintain conditioning. Here are some of the major uses.

Post-Surgical Early training

The water treadmill allows patients who have had surgeries to begin functional training way earlier than possible on land.

Sports Injury Accelerated Recovery

One of the best ways to reduce swelling and restore movement after a sports injury is in the Hydroworx underwater treadmill.

Runners De-Weighted Training

Get the training without the load on the joints as you train for competition or recover.

Osteoarthritis programs

An amazing way to keep mobility do some training when you are dealing with osteoarthritis.

Why an underwater treadmill?

This is definitely a unique piece of equipment which allows us to incorporate some amazing attributes of aquatic therapy right inside the clinic! Here are some great features of water training.

How to get in here.

We’d love to have you use the Hydroworx Underwater Treadmill. Here’s who it is for.