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Start balance training and gait training at our Huntington Beach, CA outpatient physical therapy clinic to prevent falls in your elderly loved ones. Our innovative approach using an underwater treadmill is unmatched in the region.

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Fall prevention Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach

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What causes falls in older adults?

Falls and loss of balance can be caused by several factors. Some of these affect us more as we age.

  • Age related loss of muscle mass

  • Vision problems

  • Loss of sensation from nerve problems and other age related diseases

  • Foot problems

  • Other issues like medications, hazardous walking spaces, etc.

Source: National Institute on Aging

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Fall Prevention Therapy in Huntington Beach, CA

Osteoarthritis Rehabilitation

Underwater Treadmill

Our facility has the only underwater treadmill in the region. This is an amazing way to safely work on balance training in the elderly.

Balance Training

Supervised balance training exercises can help train the body to help prevent falls.

Strengthening Exercises

Doing some supervised exercises in the clinic and a plan for home exercises will help prevent falls as well.

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What are the goals of fall prevention training?

Fall prevention training with seniors is a wonderful activity to pursue. Falling due to loss of balance from age related conditions can have a devastating effect on the quality of life of our elderly loved ones. Thankfully balance is something that can be improved with training. Here are the goals of a physical therapy fall prevention program.

  • Increase independence with Activities of Daily Living¬†

  • Increase independence with functional mobility

  • Decrease fall risk

  • Prevent future fall

  • Increase safety

  • Patient education

Source: PT & Me

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Our physical therapists and physical therapy assistants are the best around. They will greet you with a listening ear and help you achieve the goals you are looking for. 

physical therapy in Huntington Beach, Matt Swift, PT

Matt Swift, PT, DPT

Dr. Matt Swift has been practicing physical therapy since 2006, working with patients of all activity levels.

Physical Therapy Assistant Josh Sturges, PTA Huntington Beach, CA

Josh Sturges, PTA

Josh's clinical skills and friendliness will help you feel at ease with the care you will receive at our facility.

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