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Change Sports Physical Therapy Institute was birthed in 2010 out of a desire to see physical therapy care provided in the most optimal manner for the patients and the therapists.  After working in severeal different outpatient clinics in Orange County, Matt was frustrated with the system set up in most clinics.  Matt sought to establish a clinic with a systems in place to produce the optimal environment for the patient and therapist to thrive.  (Read more about our treatment philosophy)

Change Sports Physical Therapy Institute had a unique beginning as the Preferred Physical Therapy Provider for the USA Men’s and Women’s National Volleyball Teams in 2010.  The clinic was located inside the enormous American Sports Center in Anaheim, and shared a common space with USA Volleyball.  Change Sports PT helped with the care of some of their athletes and worked closely with the athletic training staff.  During that time, Change Sports PT performed pre-season screenings for the teams as well. (Read an article in the OC Register ellaborating on this screening)  In 2011 Change Sports PT re-located to its current location in Huntington Beach.  The clinic has seen growth as more and more people experience the difference Change can make.


Over the years Change Sports PT has developed several programs aimed at youth sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.  We have worked closely with several sports organizations.  These include, USA Volleyball, Advantage Tennis Academy, Surf City Volleyball, The HBC Volleball Club, and currently as the Preferred Physical Therapy Provider for Marina High School.  Change Sports PT is a participating organization in STOP Sports Injuries, a national initiative to raise awereness of youth sports injuries and prevention.  There are several ways we address youth sports injuries:

  • Post-Surgical rehabilitation geared for the young athlete
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Injury Prediction Screens to spot potential problems before they turn into an injury
  • Seminars on sports injury prevention and athlete development
  • Sport Prep Academy: 4 week program addressing movement screens, movement prep, foundational strength and athleticism, sports psychology and sports nutrition.
  • Written articles on youth sport injury topics



Why Choose Us

[row_in][span4][banner banner_link=”#” title=”Personalized care ” text=”Tired of being left on your own to do 3 sets of 10?  Come experience the difference.” target=”_self” custom_class=”extra first”][/span4][span4][banner banner_link=”#” title=”TIME with YOUR therapist” text=”We limit our visit scheduling. We’re not here to cram as many patients in as we can.  We value your time.” target=”_self” custom_class=”extra second”][/span4][span4][banner banner_link=”#” title=”Leaders in Youth Injury Rehabilitation” text=”We know the challenges young athletes face and are focused on meeting them.” target=”_self” custom_class=”extra third”][/span4][/row_in][row_in][span4][banner banner_link=”#” title=”Leaders in Youth Sports Injury Prevention” text=”We’ve had years of focus on injury prediction screens and prevention.” target=”_self” custom_class=”extra fourth”][/span4][span4][banner banner_link=”#” title=”Fun friendly staff” text=”We like to keep it fun and light, yet professional. Who knows? We might even let you pick the music.” target=”_self” custom_class=”extra fifth”][/span4][span4][banner banner_link=”#” title=”Get answers” text=”We focus on education and empowering you to know how to take care of yourself.” target=”_self” custom_class=”extra sixth”][/span4][/row_in][/span12][/row][hr][row][span12]

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