Ankle Sprain Recovery- Youth Sports

Ankle Sprain Recovery- Youth Sports

Let's get back in the game!

If you are at this course then you are probably dealing with an ankle injury. This can be a very frustrating time! However, there are some things you can do to help your body recover quickly. What you do in the initial phase of your healing will determine how long you will be out from your sport. In this course we are going over the initial steps you should be taking when you injure your ankle. 

4 Phases of Recovery

Here at Change Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach, we teach the Recovery Roadmap to our patients. This is the natural process your body goes through when it heals. It is important to follow these phases in order to have the quickest and best recovery from your ankle injury. 

Start with Lesson 1 in the Calming Phase. If you want to move into the Mobility, Strengthening and Return to Play Phase, you can reach out to us to schedule at quick video chat consultation. At that point we can determine what the best course of action would be for you in your Recovery Roadmap. 

here are your lessons

Start with the first lesson and work your way through the content at your own pace.

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