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Giving you the tools you need to build and grow as an athlete. 

Physical Therapist in Huntington Beach, CA


Matt Swift, PT, DPT 

Doctor of Physical Therapy | Coach | Parent | Ex-College Athlete

I’m excited to have you go through this course. My hope is that when you finish this course you will have developed skills and habits to carry you far in your athletic career.

Get right back to where you left off:

watch this first

Have fun taking the course!  Here are some things you will need:

1) A journal or notebook:  There will be assignments which require some reflection and recording. Choose a notebook or journal to track your progress.
2) Printer: There are some PDF worksheets that will need to be printed out for each lesson. 
3) Foam Roll: Once you get into some of the lessons you will see why you need a foam roll. If you don’t have one, the place I get mine are on Amazon. Click here  to see the ones I recommend and use in my clinic. (**)
4) Free App Download: For the nutrition lesson you will be tracking your food you are eating. The best way I know how to do this is with a free app called MyFitness Pal. See the Nutrition Lesson for links to that app when you get there. 
5) Measuring tape and a bluetooth speaker: For the cardio section you will be doing a test which requires some sound outdoors, as well as measuring out 20 meters. A measuring tape like this is useful.

As you go through each lesson, do the following:

1) Be sure to click “Mark Complete” after you complete each section in the course. 
2) This course is always improving. When you finish a lesson, if you could do us a favor and give us some feedback, we would love it! After each lesson, fill out this short survey.



(** )Throughout the course I have links to products on Amazon. I do have an affiliate account with Amazon and get a small amount of money for purchases made through the links. Feel free to use these links, or others that you find.

here are your lessons

Start with the first lesson and work your way through the content at your own pace.

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