Essential Exercises for the Youth Soccer Athlete

3 Phases of Home Exercise Progressions

What are the best exercises for youth soccer athletes?

While there are thousands of great exercises for soccer athletes to be doing, we believe it is important to build a solid foundation first. This series goes through the essential exercises which we believe lay that solid foundation for the youth soccer athlete. These aren’t the only exercises you should do, but if you follow through with this three phase progression, we believe you will be in a much better place to prevent injury, recovery quicker and thrive more in your sport. 

So, are you ready? lets go!

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Course Materials

These 3 levels of exercise progressions are meant to be able to be done at home. If you have access to a gym, you can definitely do the there as well. If you are doing them at home, there are some pieces of equipment you will need. I've created some links to Amazon here where you can purchase them if you don't already have them.

  1. Foam Roll
  2. Exercise Band/Tubing
  3. Resistance Loop (We only use this for one exercise in this module, but it is a good piece of equipment to have anyways)
  4. Kettle Bell (You can get by without purchasing this, by using some other form of weight)