Best Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach

Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach

Best Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach

If you haven’t noticed already, there are a lot of places which provide physical therapy in Huntington Beach. Finding “the best” place can be a daunting task.  I’d like to help you think through how to find the facility which is “best” for you. In all reality, our clinic might not be the best fit for your needs.  There are some areas you should look at when choosing physical therapy in Huntington Beach.

Does your insurance give you choice?

This is obviously a big question to ask.  If your insurance is an HMO plan, then most likely you won’t have much choice of where to go for physical therapy.  Your HMO contracts with specific clinics in Huntington Beach, and will not pay for any services outside of their network.  Likewise, if you have Medical (not to be confused with Medicare), you will most likely not have a large selection of clinics, because not many clinics accept the contract terms Medical demands.

If you have a PPO (or similar) plan, then you have choice in where to go for physical therapy.  Most people ask the question, “Do you take my insurance?”  This question is a little misleading.  The real question is, “Is your clinic in-network with my insurance plan?”  If you have a PPO insurance, you will most likely have out-of-network and in-network benefits.  For the most part, going to a facility which is in-network will mean you have to pay less in copays and deductible.  However, the difference isn’t always very different.  I would suggest you check to see what your in-network and out-of-network benefits are.

Finding out what choices you have with your insurance is only the first step.  You will want to make sure the facility is a good fit for your needs.

Does the clinic have experience treating your injury?

Physical therapy is a little different than some other medical professions in the fact that most outpatient physical therapy clinicians will not specialize in only one body part.  Some physical therapists do specialize in one body part when it comes to hand therapy.  If you have a hand or wrist issue which is a little complex, you would most likely benefit from a specialized hand physical therapist in Huntington Beach.

Instead of asking if they treat a particular body part, ask them about the types of patients they see.  Are they mostly seeing geriatric patients, pediatric patients, work related injuries, or athletes?  Again, most clinics see a mixture of all the above, but you might be able to find what their main patient population is.  This information will mainly serve to see if you will be comfortable in that setting.

What is the clinic’s scheduling policy?

Believe it or not, this will be one of the best indicators of the quality of care you will receive at the facility.  If the physical therapist is being scheduled 4 to 6 patients in one hour, then it is clear they won’t have as much time to focus on your care as compared to a physical therapist who is only scheduled 2 to 3 patients an hour.  The physical therapist may be an excellent clinician, but they simply won’t have the time or mental stamina to focus on the details of your condition.  This type of facility will work great for you if you have a very straight forward typical case.  However, if you require a little more customization to your treatment, you would be better off finding a facility with a slower schedule.

What is the clinic’s reputation?

Nowadays it is easier than ever to get information on the quality of care a clinic provides before you even call to schedule. One of the fastest growing sites to find this information is on Yelp.  People leave reviews on Yelp, and the business has no control over what is posted.  When looking at the reviews, you should take negative reviews with a grain of salt.  There will always be people who have unresolved issue who vent online.  However, if you take a look at what a majority of the people are saying, you should be able to get an idea if this is the type of clinic which is best for you.  Our clinic’s Yelp page is listed here: 

Choosing the Best Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach for YOU

Once you find a physical therapy clinic in Huntington Beach which matches your insurance needs, regularly treats the condition you have, has a controlled patient schedule and has a good reputation, it is time to schedule an initial evaluation.  Go to the clinic and see how you are greeted.  See if you “click” with your physical therapist and the other staff.  You are going to be spending a good amount of time with these individuals.  It only makes sense you choose a place where you feel welcome and comfortable.  If you don’t like the feel at the clinic.  All you need to do is inform them you will be going to a different facility and start the process over somewhere else.

We wish you the best in finding the physical therapy clinic in Huntington Beach which best fits your needs.  Hopefully we can serve you, but if you choose somewhere else, we hope this article was helpful for you in choosing a physical therapy clinic.

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