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Aquatic Therapy in Huntington Beach, CA

Looking to revitalize your recovery with aquatic therapy in Huntington Beach, CA? As a physical therapy clinic that specializes in sports rehabilitation, we at Change Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach, understand the importance of providing our patients with a wide range of treatments to help them recover from injuries and improve their performance. One of the treatments we offer that has proven to be highly effective is Aquatic Therapy, particularly with the use of our state-of-the-art Hydroworx EVO Underwater treadmill.

Aquatic therapy involves performing exercises in a pool, often under the guidance of a trained physical therapist. This form of therapy is an excellent option for patients who are recovering from injuries, surgeries, or suffering from chronic pain, as it allows them to engage in low-impact exercises that can significantly improve their range of motion, flexibility, and overall function.

Some of the main benefits of aquatic PHYSICAL therapy involves the following:

Aquatic Therapy with Hydroworx EVO Underwater Treadmill

At Change Sports Physical Therapy, we utilize the Hydroworx EVO Underwater treadmill in our aquatic therapy sessions. This high-tech piece of equipment is designed to create an optimal environment for rehabilitation and training, as it offers several unique features that make it an ideal choice for patients looking to improve their strength and mobility.

One of the most significant benefits of the Hydroworx EVO is its underwater treadmill. This feature allows patients to walk or run on a buoyant surface that reduces the amount of stress on their joints. The buoyancy of the water also provides an environment where the patient can move with greater ease, which can be especially helpful for individuals who may find it difficult to perform exercises on land.

Another benefit of the Hydroworx EVO is its adjustable water depth. Depending on the patient’s needs and abilities, we can adjust the water level to anywhere from knee to chest depth, which can provide varying levels of resistance and support for their exercises. This feature allows us to create customized treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals.

Finally, the Hydroworx EVO has warm water which we keep around 94 degrees. This can be beneficial for patients who suffer from chronic pain or stiffness. The warm water helps to increase blood flow and relax muscles, which can lead to reduced pain and improved function.

In summary, Aquatic Therapy is a highly effective treatment option for individuals recovering from injuries, surgeries, or chronic pain. The use of the Hydroworx EVO Underwater treadmill at Change Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach, provides our patients with a unique and highly effective rehabilitation experience. With the benefits of low-impact exercise, adjustable water depth, and warm water, we are confident that our patients will achieve their recovery and performance goals with the help of our Aquatic Therapy program.

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