I have heel pain in the morning

Heel Pain In the Morning

So you woke up in the morning, put your foot down on the floor and then…. “Ouch! What happened? Do I have a bruise on my heel?  I have pain on my heel when I walk!” This is a common report we get here in our physical therapy clinic in Huntington Beach, CA.  While there can be a lot of reasons for you having this pain, there is probably one main reason you have it. Most of the time this has to do with what is called plantar fasciitis or a heel spur. Regardless if you have a bone spur on your heel or not, there is probably an easy way to get rid of this pain.

How to get rid of my heel pain?

While there can be several reasons you have this pain, most likely you have a mobility issue in your calf and ankle. Most of the time some simple calf stretching for a prolonged hold of 2 minutes at a time will alleviate your issue. What I mean by this is if you devote around 1o minutes a day to stretching your calf for 2 minutes at a time, you might be able to kick this pain out if you catch it early. If you do this for a week and the pain still hasn’t gone away, then you might need to get further evaluation and treatment. In physical therapy at our clinic we do a full evaluation of your foot structure, walking and running mechanics, and other contributing factors from your hip and and knee. After we get a good picture of how your body is moving, we can usually find out what the reason is for the increased stress being placed on your heel. Some treatment usually includes manual therapy, modalities like ultrasound,  and some exercises.  If the condition is bad we can usually get some immediate relief with some taping of the heel.

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