Our Response to COVID-19

We are definitely in some interesting times. With the arrival of the Coronavirus to our area, there will no doubt be changes in our schedules and our outings. As we prepare for these changes, we would like to offer continued services for people suffering from pain during this time. We want to continue to offer physical therapy for those who have musculoskeletal injuries. In order to continue this delivery of care, while also helping prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, we have the following options available for our patients. 

  1. Regular In-Person Visits with Spread Out Scheduling: We continue to offer our in-person visits at our office as we have been throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. We have however changed our scheduling to prevent having several people in the facility at the same time. We are a smaller clinic, and therefore have the advantage of not having masses of people entering our doors. We don’t have a waiting room, so that limits exposure to the virus as well. We will also continue with our sanitation procedures to clean equipment between each patient. 

    Mask Policy: Masks are not required for patients. However, if you want to wear one, that is great as well. Our staff will put on a mask when working directly with patients at treatment tables. 

  2. Telehealth Visits (Mobile Web-Based Consultations and Exercise Progressions): Over the past year here at Change Sports PT, we have developed our telehealth delivery of care. We are set up to deliver care via mobile consultations and online exercise prescriptions and progression. This is an excellent option for those who want to take steps to get rid of their pain, but don’t want (or aren’t able) to do in-person visits. Currently in California, these visits ARE covered through insurance providers. Also, due to the epidemic, all decuctibles and copays are waived on telehealth services for most PPO insurances until July 2020. If you don’t have insurance, we also have developed a pricing structure which makes this delivery of care affordable and effective. We have set up a “per-episode” form of payment. Patients only need to pay one fee per month. This eliminates the “per-visit” costs which would add up for patients. For more information about this type of service, click here. 

Updated 6/3/2020

We continue to ask that patients who are feeling ill, or who have been in close contact with someone who is ill, to not come in the clinic. These patients can seek care through our telehealth services if it makes sense for their case. 

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