Our Philosophy

If you are in pain, and looking for a way to alleviate it, then you know there are so many different treatment approaches.  Should you take medication?  Should you see a chiropractor?  Should you get surgery?  Should you seek out accupuncture?  What do they do in physical therapy?  We firmly believe that each approach has its advantages and disadvantages.  For example, if you have a fractured leg, then getting a massage isn’t going to help.  You are probably going to want to seek out an excellent orthopedic surgeon.

The intention of this page is to help you see what we do here in physical therapy, and you can decide if this is what you need.  Physical therapy has been defined as the art and science of healing.  Evidence based treatment is what drives the care, but an art is needed to integrate that knowledge into every individual person.  Here are some things we focus on here.

Care Before Cure

Have you ever been to a healthcare provider’s office where you felt like you were just another inconvenience in their schedule?  We like to think we are the opposite of that.  Our goal is first to understand you and what you are seeking to accomplish.  Once we feel we understand that, then we want to come along side you and help you reach your goals.

Find the Cause, Not Just the Symptom

When our bodies break down to the point where we start having pain, it is because something has stressed that tissue so much, to the point where it has started complaining.  The goal in any treatment of pain should be to find out what got us there in the first place?  Why is my right knee hurting in the front, under the knee cap?  Why not the left one?  If I focus on simply getting rid of the pain, but don’t look for what caused it, then the pain will likely come back.  If it doesn’t come back in the same location, the stress will likely appear in another body region.  Let’s get rid of the pain, but lets make sure it stays away.  We don’t want to make you lifetime dependants on our care.  Our job is to work ourselves out of a job.

Empower the Patient

Following up with the last statement, our job is to empower you to take care of your body.  With that goal in mind, education is a huge priority for us.  We seek to give you the information, tools and motivation to take care of your body so you can live an optimal life. While we do need other people’s help to get us out of difficult situations, it shouldn’t be our goal to be dependant on that person for health.  Our job is to help you take care of your body.

Seek Excellence

The value that surrounds all that we do is excellence.  While we will never be perfect, our goal is to constantly strive for excellence.  This encompasses our scheduling, treatment, reimbursement, communication with referring physicians, patient follow up and more.

So this is what we aim to deliver when someone comes in our doors.  If you are looking for more specifics on what we can do for you, then take a look around this website.  We are constantly adding more content to help answer your questions.

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