Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach

sports physical therapy in Huntington Beach

What is sports physical therapy?

Sports physical therapy is a specialty in physical therapy which focuses on the athletic population’s recovery from injury.  While we are treating the same body, and dealing with the same parts, there is a difference in our approach when working with an athlete. Due to the fact that athletes test their bodies to the extreme, it is important to look a little closer.  For example, a small deviation in motion in the ankle can drastically affect a runner.  Many times it is this limit in motion or strength in athletes which have caused the athlete to end up in our office.

Sports physical therapy takes into account many aspects into the rehabilitation which are not present in regular physical therapy:

  • What point in the season are you in? Pre-season, regular season, off-season?
  • Is there a game or event you are pushing to be ready for?
  • Can we accelerate your recovery to get you ready for your event without jeopardizing your health?
  • What psychological issues is the athlete dealing with? Returning from injury can be a difficult time for an athlete.
  • How much can we keep the athlete connected with the team and joining in on practice without jeopardizing health?
  • Educating parents, coaches and the athlete in what the proper return to play time-line should be.
  • What habits and exercises can the athlete incorporate to prevent future injury?
  • What movement impairments does the athlete have which have caused injury?

At Change Sports Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on providing the best sports physical therapy in Huntington Beach. We will come alongside you or your athlete and help navigate your recovery. Our staff is made up of qualified physical therapists and athletic trainers to get you off the sidelines and on the field of play.




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