Top Characteristics in a High School Baseball Athlete

What is it that high school coaches are looking for in athletes?  What is it that distinguishes a player who will make the cut, versus the one who doesn’t make the team?  It seems that these days parents are in a frenzy to get their kids onto the high school sports team, so that they can make it to college, and get that illustrious scholarship.  From a young age parents are preparing their kids for college athletics.  The conversation about the pros and cons of this push from parents is a topic for another post.  What I want to discuss here is a bit on the subject of how do we best prepare our children for their sport?  What is the best path to get on that high school team?  Is it 7 days a week practice or early specialization on a position?  If you have read even a little of the research on youth sports over the past few years, you will know these approaches can be detrimental to the young athlete.

In this video interview series we are seeking out the high school coaches themselves and asking them, “What are the top characteristics or skills you are looking for in an athlete coming into your program?”  The first interview comes from Bob Marshall, the head varsity baseball coach at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, CA.  Change Sports Physical Therapy is the Preferred Physical Therapy Provider for Marina High School Athletics.  Take a look at what Coach Marshall has to say.

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